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Advice for actually good bike tours in Copenhagen and Stockholm

Hey Chainlinkers, 

Have you done Copenhagen and/or Stockholm by bike, or - better yet - do you know people there that might know lots about the best tourist but not touristy options? I am looking for a really good few winter bike tours of these cities and surrounding areas (open to longer, day trip out from either) and am both over- and underwhelmed by what I've found online. Thanks in advance for your advice!

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You could get in touch with Copenhagen Cycle Chic / Copenhagenize's Mikhael Colville-Anderson:

Or the Danish Cycling Federation:

Thanks John!

I have ridden both cities by bike, and found them to both be marvellous, particularly Copenhagen. In Stockholm my AirBnB apartment came with bikes, and in Copenhagen I rented a bike. I don't remember the name of the place, though I could find it on foot if I were dropped in the center city. It was near the train station, I believe slightly northeast of it. I rented a city bike with a super-burly porter-style rack that I would have taken home with me if I could. Can't offer advice on tours but it was extremely easy and hugely pleasant to get around both cities, Copenhagen in particular. For a day trip from Copenhagen, I'd suggest the Louisiana Museum of Art (and, if you'd like to go further, "Hamlet's castle" - I'm forgetting the actual name - past it.). I rode out there while my then-gf took the train. It was comically easy to get there from the apartment - look it up on Google maps and simply take "National Cycle Route 1" (or whatever number it was) and follow the signs the whole way. I think it was about 90-120 minutes' ride, but this was 2.5 years ago and I don't quite remember. You can then just take your bike back on the train with you if you'd rather not ride back.

I hadn't planned on biking out to Louisiana but that is a great idea! I have biked in the city but just followed my nose - was hoping to find a really good tour/overview to get the full layout by bike on the first day. Thanks for your encthusiasm and the great idea to do a longer ride. 

I drooled in the CPH bike shops last time - there are so many!! Great idea!


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