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There is a proposal to put a gas station at Foster and Elston on the Northwest Side. Please help me get the word out to oppose this development!

This is a popular route to get to the North Branch Trail, and is very close to the Forest Glen Train Station. It is marked as a bike lane and since at an intersection, one can easily imagine this is going to be really dangerous for cyclists.

Worse, it's unnecessary. There are multiple gas stations within a few block radius. There is a car wash north on Elston. And there is a 7-11... down the street at Lawrence and Foster.

So this is really unnecessary, and given there is a Target coming to Foster and Cicero, the last thing the area needs is more car-focused traffic.

Please write to Ald. Samantha Nugent to oppose endangering cyclists in this area:

Here is the picture of the site. It's not scenic, but imagine the curb cuts with cars cutting into the bike lane here. Yikes!

There is a very brief write up in the NW Side Nadig newspaper:

Twitter coverage from someone who attended the meeting on the 17th:

Feel free to DM me with questions!


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The bike lane on Foster is only west of Elston (in the 45th Ward) but doesn't continue to the east (in the 39th Ward.) Suggest to Ald. Nugent to continue the Foster bike lane east from Elston through the 39th Ward all the way to Kedzie. 

In addition to the existing auto repair location, the proposal is also to purchase the property of the church to the east to make this even bigger and compound the problem of curb cuts into both Foster and Elston.

I attended the community meeting on December 17th.  Just about everybody opposed, but the alderman was not present.  This development depends on two things:  1) the Trinity Slavik Lutheran Church selling the grass parcel just west of their church and 2) the alderman approving the zoning change from RS-5 to B3-1.  Need to reach out to both the church and alderman. 



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