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Sadly another cyclist death.

The driver's view, presumably:

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A 45mph speed limit on any street that bisects a trail without a dedicated traffic light is idiotic.

If you drive 45 on that stretch of Central, you'll get run over; 55 is the usual there. 

I think I agreed (I being generous with that 45-50 in my post on that)  The Cook County Sherriff occasionally writes speeding tickets in that area, but unless it's a 25 (which to your point probably means 30ish) it is a terrible design.  Even 40 doesn't give enough reaction time if a cyclist (if it was a cyclist vs. pedestrian) at a good clip comes out of the trail.  I know these investigations can take a few days - Has there been some more clarity as to whether it was a cyclist or pedestrian?  It may be out there, I just haven't seen it yet? 

It's upsetting there was a crash - there's clear visibility (granted, this photo is not from summer). That said, I agree, 45 mph doesn't make any sense when you have an intersection of a trail. As a society, we tend to prioritize driver speed over safety.

I feel horribly for the victims friends, family and greater cycling community. The trail brings so much joy to so many of us it's hard to reconcile with this tragedy.

I frequently drive on this road.  Drivers are totally oblivious to the presence of this trail crossing, and the little yellow lights do nothing to get their attention.

Equally tragic but perhaps this was a pedestrian, 81yo Soon Hee Park, and not a cyclist.

Seems like conflicting reports on exactly where this occurred, where DPRT crosses Central or at Central/River Roads intersection just east of there? 
Is it normal for the driver to be in custody 2 days after "incident"?
Seems like many accidents the driver doesn't even get a citation?! :(
Guess we'll have to wait to see if more details come out.

Paul you're right of course, and Anson's point is as important.  Meanwhile it's as if CDOT designed the space.  People flying down a trail, enjoying the day, and then we're dumped out of the woods onto a busy cross street.  It's not as poorly designed as Milwaukee Ave. bike lanes (almost nothing is) but it's another one of these traffic collision machines that are manufactured and placed throughout our community.  My shoes for my Speedplay Zero pedals make me walk like a duck, but this should be a PEDESTRIAN crosswalk where we walk, never ride, our bikes across this road.   Think about it.  If bikes are vehicles, we've got an uncontrolled intersection where 25-27MPH traffic (me on my bike) cross 45-50 mph traffic.  Nothing about that makes sense.  A 4-way stop would be a good start, but likely impractical.  Defer may have the best post.  Don't jump to conclusions and wait til more details come out.  Gosh, if we could get THAT idea going here on chainlink, it'd be awesome. 


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