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I live just off the 606.  I'm amazed at how much foot and bicycle traffic has increased in front of my place.  At this point I'm assuming the 606 traffic has probably more or less baselined now that we're a month out.  

It's almost like the lakefront path.  All forms of people, and you can't really go too fast, although some people try.  One couple with a stroller will pretty much take up a whole side.  

It's interesting too...  There seem to be the same traffic congestions problems on the 606 that we see on the lakefront path.  I guess the nice thing is that it never intersects streets, so for almost 3 miles you don't have to negotiate an intersection- unlike the LFP.

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Is the 606 the Bloomingdale Trail?

Yes but calling it the 606 is akin to calling the Sears Tower by the name of Willis. 

Whatcyou talking bout Willis?

Another Lake front path yet sans lake it is just another bike path to avoid.  Bikes belong.

I'll stick to Armitage and avoid the 606, Bloomingdale, pathway, bikebridge, westside bike waylopilos.


Technically, the trail itself is the Bloomingdale and the whole system of trail and adjacent parks is the 606.

Here's what I can offer Eddie- if your naughty posting has been a result of posting drunk, try posting sober for a while. If your naughty posting has been a result of posting sober, try posting drunk for a while.

Hey Eddie, yeah, we've all been warned around here. Yeah, more constructive, defined: Constructive- helping to improve, promoting further development or advancement (as opposed to destructive). Okay Eddie, I hope this helps a little. Or there is the sayin that goes, "if you don't got nothin good to say". . . . . .

Darn it, I feel left out! How do I go about getting warned so I can feel like one of the kool kids?

It's been a while since I've been on the High Line, but I'd say that the high line is more architecturally interesting and has a more, let's say, interactive relationship with its neighboring buildings. There are more visual discoveries that obscure and reveal themselves as you walk along. It is restricted to pedestrians only. There is at least one ADA-compliant lift access point. The Bloomingdale Trail is plainer and more functional. I'm not sure whether there is much difference in width between the two, but the High Line has lower stress potential because everyone is walking.
Article by: Alisa Hauser

The 606 may be a good meeting spot for the 'lonely hearts'. Just don't be a 'creepy heart'.

I guess the interesting thing to me is that the 606 gets so much recreational travel.  There are people all the time who park in front of my house and then go to the 606.  I take from this that there are a lot of people who are coming from other places to recreate on the 606. 



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