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We have a few threads here and there with introductions, but nothing organized. For this thread, post your picture, pics of your bikes, and a small blurb about yourself (favorite foods, commuting routes, etc).

yes, this was ripped off from chifg...

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Hi, I'm Eric. This is me:

I ride these:

...and I play these:
Hello, I'm Ashley

In halloween spirit, I was Snow White two years back...

I'm a civil engineer, love music, live in lakeview, and am looking for some riding buddies.
Hi, I'm Leah. This is me in real life (on the left):

I ride these:

I'm originally from here:


And now I live here:

And work here:

In my day job I do marketing for a software company. I love to cook, wander used book shops, listen to modern folk music with some house music sprinkled in, explore new areas of Chicago and go on really long bike rides.
I am a composer. I have an ensemble(/band) called "anomie."
But for money I: teach at ChicagoStateUniversity (music theory); give bike tours (BobbysBikeHike); teach piano (in Maywood).
I rode:

until I flipped it last week and bent the fork.
So, thanks to WestTownBikes!, I took all the requisite parts and put them on my old bike--from WorkingBikes like 6 years ago...the bike I first did Ragbrai with (when it had 10speeds):

My one true love (right now) is this:

...the bike I rode on Ragbrai this year.
My name is Amourena, people call me Ammo.

I ride these:

I like korean food, or anything spicy for that matter. My hobbies are riding drunk, dressing up in costume, hanging from hooks and modeling.

As you can see here:

Hi, I am Ali and this is me;

And here is what I ride;

My Racing Bike, Orbea Mitis Carbon, Full Campy.

Fuji track SS. CF Fork, White Deep V's.
Hey everyone! I'm Kelly. This is me playing with the animals in some remote city in India.

This is my beauty.

And this is my beast.

I am a nursing student at Loyola and give bike tours of Chicago.

Hello! I'm Jessica, and I'm a noob here!

I ride a Lemond Poprad, full Ultegra, with Chris King hubset.

Photobucket" />

Other things that I do?? I ride people's horses so they don't have to (just SELL it if you don't ride it...), and I work on cars. I also work at a local (coughmassivecorporatecough) bike shop, Trek Store of Schererville. Stop on by!!

Photobucket" />
Hey, I'm Chuck. I work in the northern suburbs, which affords me a great deal of commuting time, which is fine by me when I can ride my bike. I'm an investment operations manager with a financial planning firm in Northbrook. Cycling is my most obsessive hobby. I also play the guitar (a la Bob Dylan), read a ton, and play softball even though I'm not the best at it.

Here's me freezing my ass off in NYC last winter-


I ride this to work, over 3,000 miles this year so far-


And these are my city bikes-



I moved from New Orleans 3 1/2 years ago to chase my dream of "big dollars...big PRIZES" in Chicago. Well, not really...I reached the glass ceiling of Web Design in NO and had some friends up here. I've always ridden bikes (didn't get a driver's license until 25), and found Chicago the perfect city to live (practically) car-free. I also play several instruments (though my last band ripped me off and stole all of my instruments, mikes, preamps, tweed amp :( ), love to read, and enjoy the company of my three cats. I also sweat like a mob informant when I ride.

I have a few more bikes, but no pics yet.
Hello, my name is Levi, here I am at the BLT two years ago

Here is my ride

Job: Graphic Designer -

Hobbys: Bikes (duh), fixing up old bikes, and more recently frame building, I also started building wooden fenders if anyone is interested in being a Guinea pig, let me know.

Here is one of my re-builds and fender sets

My name is Nick. On the internet I usually go by El Duke (pronounced El Dookay).

This is what I look like:

I ride these:

(Don't have my own pics yet)

(Don't have my own pics yet)

I live in Evanston with my wife, Samira Duke and Betty (cat)


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