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Am I the only one unemployed enough to be watching this years Tour every morning?  I am surprised that I haven't seen a single thread about the Tour yet.

Lance Armstrong has a podcast this season called "Stages" where he breaks down every stage with technical insight and commentary.  Lance Armstrong annoys me, but the podcast is an interesting breakdown

That Sagan/Cavendish crash was crazy.

It reminds me a little of Steve Bartman. After some initial anger and rage at someone we feel bad when we realize the guy is innocent.

As always; the locales and small towns they all ride through are beautiful and quaint. One of my favorite things about watching the tour on TV is seeing the small towns and hearing the color commentary on the history.

I watch the Tour every morning on an app called NBC Sports Gold, roughly $50 for coverage of the professional cycling season including the Giro and the Tour.

Unfortunately there is no coverage of the woman's pro circuit. I know little to nothing about the pro woman's rides and I bet it's just as exciting.

Happy Tour everyone!!!! 

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Right now, Saturday 7-22-17 NBC5 Chicago has some free coverage of the Tour de France from 2pm to 3:30pm.

Uran was really taking a lot of chances on high speeds going into curves in Saturday's time trial. That was quite a recovery on that last curve, where he realized he was going into the wall, put his inside foot down for a bit of Fred Flintstone braking, and skimmed the wall, with his rear wheel just starting to lift up. Kudos on a great recovery and getting quickly up to speed again after that near-crash.

Sooo, what do you think about Froome winning again? 

I am going to throw my opinion in there on this one... not the most exciting cyclist. Nothing against him, he's solid, he's just kinda "meh" for me. All though, I've come to appreciate him more with the Instragram account for his kitty,

I do find the sprinters to be far more fun to watch e.g. Peter!! Too bad they sent him home early not that he had a chance at the Yellow Jersey and the title.

What do you think?


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