Hi folks, I’ve got a vintage specialized. I’d rather not see it go to the junk heap because I LOVED this bike for much of my race riding. Salsa stem. 

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My dorm roommate had a new Stumpjumper in 93. It wasn't lugged and had early rapidfires. That looks much older maybe, mid-late 80s?

  • That’s awesome! It may be a ‘89. I started riding in ‘87.   I checked the specialized website and they only went back as far as ‘93.

I think about a 48-49 cm.

You need to get rid of it? How much?

I'm definitely interested, depending on price!

A drive-side photo would make it easier to identify. Components visible don't suggest 1993, which, as tricolor pointed out, was when Rapidfire started appearing and if it wasn't that it had Deore top-mount shifters. 

Here’s a pic. I really only need $20 for it


Sold! Can I pick it up tomorrow or Friday? 

Wow! I'll take it if Ernesto doesn't follow through. 

Seems like it might be mid 80s... like a '84 or '85. It has similar components to my '85 Expedition that I still ride everyday.

That is a solid bike.

Hi Sharon, please email me directly at ernesto@ernestolube.com so we can arrange something :) 

Belatedly jumping (ha!) in on this.   I've been looking for a vintage *rigid* mtn bike and this would fit the bill.   Trying to PM you here Sharon...or if someone else here snagged the bike please get in touch.  


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