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Product Review: Tifosi Davos Sport Sunglasses

By Shawn Conley

When I was asked to review these sunglasses, I was ecstatic. I already own a pair of Tifosi Pavé. I absolutely love those sunglasses, and the chance to own another pair of Tifosi sunglasses I thought would be a treat. That being said, I must remain objective in my review of this product.

After receiving the news that the new sunglasses were being shipped, I went on the website to see what’s new with the Tifosi Davos shades. There you will find that one can interchange the lenses on the the Davos models. And, the Race Red Davos (the model that I received), comes with the Smoke Fototec lens. That is just Tifosi’s fancy way of saying that the lens brightness and darkness adjusts to the lighting conditions. There are 4 other models (Matte black smoke, Race neon smoke, White/Black smoke, and Crystal blue). The Race Red is the only model that comes with the lens that adjusts to light. The other sunglasses come with the other lenses in the package. You may manually interchange them.

I could hardly contain my excitement because I don’t wear prescription glasses, and I’ve never had a pair of sunglasses that adjust to the conditions before. On Saturday, June 17th, I received my sunglasses in the mail. I had already ridden that day but I just got a lot more excited about my next ride. I opened my package and here’s what it looks like.

Due to some other personal commitments, I wasn’t able to ride for the next few days, so I just wore the sunglasses out and about daily. As I went about my daily business, I was complemented many times on how stylish the shades are. People really like the look of the sunglasses. Many people asked me about the pricing and what other colors are manufactured. I must admit, I liked all the attention that these sunglasses drew.

My 1st ride with these glasses was the following Wednesday morning with the Major Taylor group. We rode, but it was cool, and cloudy, not much reason for the sunglasses to change because the lighting conditions were about the same as in my house. I was a bit disappointed because I was looking forward to, well, I didn’t know. My next ride was also on a cloudy day, so again, not much change in the lenses. Two more rides on cloudy days, but then the next ride was on a very sunny day. I began that ride at 5:58 am, and it was not yet very sunny, but as I got underway, it was very sunny. And, I must admit, I didn’t notice any change in the lenses at all. I thought that Tifosi must’ve somehow sent me the wrong lenses, or that my lenses were broken. Until, I arrived at my destination and took this selfie.

When I looked at it, I noticed that the lenses had in fact changed. (Even though it doesn’t look very sunny in the picture, please take my word for it.) And, then I realized that was the point. The lenses had been adjusting the entire time, and I hadn’t noticed it. WELL DONE TIFOSI! Now I love these shades even more.

In the product description of the website, Tifosi states that these sunglasses are well vented to prevent fogging. My previous pair doesn’t fog, so I expected that this pair would not fog either. I rode in these shades on a date where the temperature reached 88 degrees, and did not experience any fogging. I would expect that these sunglasses would consistently deliver in doing this as my previous pair have. Additionally, I can not write about the durability of these sunglasses as I’ve only had them a short time. That being said, I am missing the nose piece on my previous pair. I hope that the nose piece on this pair will remain on the glasses. Additionally, for those who may ask, these sunglasses don’t pinch my nose.

Lastly, these sunglasses retail for $79.95. I am not one to tell anyone else how to spend his/her own money. That being said, I believe that these sunglasses are a good value. You receive a nice case, a cloth to clean your lenses, and the sunglasses themselves.

Tifosi Davos in Race Red

With Smoke Fototec

Retail $79.95

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Shawn Conley is a Chicago native who loves road cycling.  He has a passion for helping others discover their cycling legs, which he typically does through the Major Taylor Cycling Club of Chicago (MTC3).  Shawn was chairman of MTC3, and also is a member of the Chicago Cycling Club (CCC) and the Friends of the Major Taylor Trail.  When he is not on 2 wheels, he coaches track and field, and is a real estate investor.  He is a Chainlink Ambassador who has an affinity for pizza and ice cream.  Follow him on Twitter: @ShawnGeauTigers and on Instagram:  antonlove1.

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