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"Many Lakes"... OK.. This game is ON!!!! Now, I ain't been raised to be a vain or prideful man, but... I'll say this once: I will whup all y'all... all over over this route. Uhhhhh talking... Bag Footsie, sugar-britches. Looking at your feet won''t help ya! I'm up here. Bring any bike you want. I have a Huffy made of American Steel, crafted by American sweat and ingenuity with names like Bruce and probably Jose' and I heard maybe Veronica.

My front derailleur has been held together with gaffer tape since that gigantic Oct 2011 CCM and and has held its stake in my recent and humble 923 mile Bike Winter 2011/12. No my friends. My ride?... "Skippy" ain't a carbon-fiber patisserie made by some Don Quixote' over in Europe. What you got? Couple that with the athletics and physical prowess of the late Chris Farley... and?... Humbly? Yeah. This is happening.

My Hypotenuse is? The match will be won or lost for y'all I am guessing by just past the tricky coyotes of the Keeneyville dried-up boardwalk! Pro-tip: Beware of any sluggish and/or partially-laden grocery bags! Yeah.... That one's free ever-luvvers. Class dismissed. See ya.

Sined, ever-luvvin,


PS: The Doctor is in!..  @.812/pts-per-mile? I don't see another Winter 2011/12 Bag Footsie World Champion. Yeah. You... With your "components". How does that taste. Where's your D. Rose now? That's what I thought.

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Comment by S.Presley☠ on March 23, 2012 at 10:06pm

who's D.Rose ?


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