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I'm planning to print some few (200 at most) quarter page "handouts" for distribution during the ride to uninformed and inquiring spectators.  Trying to improve over past years where too many were made, or text was too complex.
Attached here are a few samples proposed last year, but not used I think.
PLEASE give your feedback on best choice, or improvements, or even complete rewrites or updates.





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Andrew -
all three look great, but -
A does a great job answering the question "Why are we riding our bikes?" Not so much the naked part. I like the don't litter tag.
B why not replace "they" with "we" in #3?
C the font (or the way it is compressed on my screen) is slightly more difficult to read, and this doesn't really answer the naked question either, beyond the "get your attention" part, but a thousand + cyclists would do that wearing anything. C has the most polished look.
Wonderful. Something I always want to spread to drivers stopped while we ride is that they should always shut off their engines if they're going to be standing for more than a minute. If a few drivers picked up that habit, it'd be like one driver giving up cars altogether.
For a visual, maybe the logo would be best. You could place it where the photo is in version A.

Version B has better copy (more direct), I agree "they" should be switched to "we" for point 3. To speak more directly to the naked issue, point three could be written as:

Our nudity highlights how vulnerable bicyclists are when we share the road with cars.

no litter line is perfect.

Please see the "NEWEST VERSION (v6)" above, integrates various suggestions. Good enough?
THANX EVERYONE! Newest tweak (v7) above seems fit to print.
A 6up PDF is posted at
Final tweak (v8) above top, going to print. Corrected three punctuations, forced B&W PDF, and changed filename.

For more matter see



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