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Thread for neighborhood group rides TO the naked ride.


Nortsiders? (Andersonville? Wrigley? Lincoln Park?)

Westsiders (Logan Square? Wicker Park?)

Southsiders? (Bridgeport?)


Pick places to launch mini-masses to downtown on naked ride day and plan it here.


Given over an hour to bike to site, launching at 6pm would get you there well before ride leaves, but too late for painting (which is ok)


Far northsiders, how about under young Lincoln (Senn park)?



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I live near Wilson and Lincoln;  if anyone would like to ride up to the starting point, please contact me.




Rose Bachi

Hey, Cassandra,


Thank you, but I'm looking for folks nearer to me.





Cassandra Fowler said:

I plan on attending - I am near Western and Division... Would like company to ride with.
Any other bridgeport riders?



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