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Feel free to add your own phun garden pics to this year's picture thread!

These are the first of our new raised beds we built - 5 x 10'. That's the dirt pile in the back. Now we just need to get the plants in...

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hmmm, here it is...

Very nice!

A little early for the plants IMO...

Where did the dirt come from?

i may be putting a few beds like this.  in the driveway!

That's a good idea!

I got my dirt from E-Z Tree Recycling. Cheapest way to buy in bulk.


Just in from a little cleanup. I cut out a tree that was growing in a thicket of Kerria, and then realized it's a japanese Maple... nothing too ornate (it's the kind that they use to graft the ornate ones onto) but still... trying not to think about it.

I think we all know that sudden "done for today" decision when we've done something dumb...

Wow, looks great, Garth! How much does bulk dirt cost? 

I've got some garden photos up here:

Not much happening right now except for hops doing their usual enthusiastic thing...

Hi Anne!

Sorry, just saw your message.  Going from fuzzy memory, I think the truck was 17 cubic yards (459 cubic feet) and cost about $400.  That included taxes and $100 delivery charge. It's the best price in town that I've found, Mike the owner is a great guy, too.

I've been quite pleased with the quality, too. It has a good fiber content. pH is neutral. And it's grows plants pretty well w/o adding initial fertilizer/compost.

: )


A few updates.

The Zinnia tub as of a few days ago:

My little decorative grouping when you come out the back door:

My broccoli experiment-- =Finally= starting to produce:

Some bell, cherry, poblano peppers:

The basil before a major harvest last week:

My very first Tithonia (Mex sunflower) bloom, maybe 2 weeks ago (now there are more)- above^

A new perennial I tried from seed this year-- will put it in the ground soon and cross my fingers-- "Painted Daisy:"

So far I believe I've had a total of one flower from all the impatiens (100+ plants) I started indoors and painstakingly transitioned:

And finally, I picked up a very large planter at Christy Weber's blowout last fall... ended up with Watermelon seedlings (not sure what I was thinking when I started them) so here we go:



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