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Got pictures of your "moving vehicle"? Move stories? Do share!

Humble/Bragging beginnings (which is it? you decide):
Let me just start this discussion by saying I can get 8 grocery bags onto my bike without any trailer. Two panniers and one front basket, large duffle bag lying across the back rack/panniers, a light-weight bag hanging from each handle, + backpack.

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Holy cow!!! 8 grocery bags without a trailer!!!!!
I wanna see that configuration Rachel. I know i can get at least 2 but 8!!!!!
I feel ashamed to think I was doing great carrying 2 bags.
This a picture from a few years ago when I was living in my friend Ernie's pine forest (Ernie pictured), and was moving into town, about 10 miles, to a little apartment I found.
Homemade trailer, homemade two string bass, and second bike on trailer. Only the necessities!

Nice! Hey, check out his shoes!
This trailer can haul my luggage through Iowa. It can haul recycling. It can haul another folding bike or do a group move. Joey rides in the basket, but never in the trailer.


Look familiar?

When someone calls me to do a job I always execute flawlessly. I always get the choice handyman jobs and I am not as busy as I used to be which makes it more of an adventure. Sure, I could have used my Dad's car, but how can that compare to getting soaked 2 days in a row freezing with only my sweatshirt and friends in the city who always take care of me. I love to feel like a refugee. I am not yet sick and dying so it must be a good sign. Most inside painting work can be done via this setup. Without incident I rode from Willow Rd and I-94 thru Lincoln wood then onto Grand Ave, and Amour. Total drive time was 1:50min. I did not feel comfortable pacing more than 10mph. Really heavy. Very fun in my mind. I painted walls and trim of 2 stairwells, 3 stories in 10 hours. Rock and Roll !


Wow, thanks! and it will carry a P.A. system this Friday too!
Hey, Julie in Bikers for Barkers is working on bicycle cat-transport! Check out the group!

Hey Movers: I've moved quite a bit on my bike, sans trailer. But this was the accomplishment I was most proud of. Went from Lawrence and Western'ish to Diversey and Western.



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