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I noticed this in a zombie movie, a couple of people were fleeing and a fee got taken down and I thought to myself "They would have better luck if they had a couple bikes". 

Being a mild zombie fan I realized that in the various media I have consumed no one ever has a bike.  Sure it cuts down on the drama when people can just ride away at a few more MPH than some shambling dead person but when the day of the dead comes if you have your ride ready you'll be in better shape.


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World War Z had a scene with bikes! If I remember correctly the squeaky chains alerted the zombies. 

I remember seeing a movie where people were spending all of their time and income sitting trapped in cars that could barely move to go anywhere because everyone else was doing the same thing. And destroying the earth and their own bodies in the process. I thought the same thing - "if only there were bikes, the solution to these people's problems would be obvious!"

In the tv show Dark Angel, the courier service where the main character worked used bikes after an EMP rendered most of the cars useless.  The effect was exacerbated due to failed infrastructure (gas stations, repair shops, parts availability, etc.).  They were always shown to be quite busy, so apparently it was a good way to get things moved around.  Granted, there were still cars, but mostly only rich people could apparently afford the gas.

I think bikes are a great post-apocalyptic transport option.  Nothing really required except a little bit of new rubber and some lubrication every so often.  And even then you could retrofit hard rubber tires, substitute a natural oil/grease, and the bike would not be unrideable.  Perhaps it would help to have a bunker of spares, or if you're a nomad just keep a bunch of the absolute basics on the bike.  Simplicity would rule, and trailers would help immensely.

However, Hollywood won't do anything with bikes because bikes are not "nostalgic" or "sexy" or "part of the American dream" like cars are.  Hence movies like Mad Max and Death Race.  Waterworld's antagonists were oil-crazed as well, and I like to think of Kevin Costner's sailboat like a bike of the sea.

Motopeds has a custom Zombie survival mountain bike/motorcycle.

That's exactly what I thought.

Lisa Curcio 6.6mi said:

Zombie thread!

Julie Hochstadter said:

That's exactly what I thought.

Lisa Curcio 6.6mi said:

Interesting idea, in the event of Zombies what bike/build would you want to ride? What considerations would you think are most important to your perfect zombie bike?

Nah, it was that satellite phone! The bikes totally worked!

Seriously though - every time I watch The Walking Dead I start thinking about how much more effective they could be with a few bikes and a few more of those crossbows!

Rich S said:

World War Z had a scene with bikes! If I remember correctly the squeaky chains alerted the zombies. 

Max Brooks' Zombie survival guide recommends bicycles as a mode of transportation. And the movie WWZ is the worst!!

Some games have it:

I think that Zombie guy at LOOLAPALOOSA that was biting people, got away on his bike.



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