I had a heart attack, three months ago. I ride about two thousand miles a year and I am currently riding an E-bike. My chest is held together with 6 screws. Should I look into a three wheeler? or should I keep riding my e-bike (2 inch tires). In the last year, I have fallen twice. the first, I was attacked by a dog and the second time I rodee into a rut. I am on blood thinners and falling would create a whole lot of problems.

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Your doctor is the one to ask.

But, since you asked, I think most of us riding around on two wheels accept the fact that not often, but not never, we will fall off of our bikes, fall over our handlebars, or fall into something. If that could end your life/life as you know it, I would switch to something safer.

And I forgot to say that sucks and I hope you get better.

Hi Alan

I hope you are  healing well. I think Chalupa gave good advice, ask your doctor. If you are at great risk  from a fall you may want  to look into a trike. However, they can  tip over as well. I had  bypass surgery in 2005 and was  unable to ride for six weeks while my sternum healed from being flayed  so the  surgeon could get in  and do his job. I  have been  riding two wheeled bikes since then. You  have  six screws and  I assume the invasion to your  chest  was significant.  You have to consider  your risk of fall,  the medication you take and  also whatever damage you  had from the infarction. These are all things  your doctor can discuss with you. I hope you are on  the road soon and  that  you have easier and easier breathing as time goes along.


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