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Your Input Welcome: Who is this penny-farthing guy? What's your must-wear tip for fall bike fashion?

hi, there...   long time since posting but fall is upon us and i am writing about "bike fashion" for fall (if you have a must-wear tip for men or women please add it here as a comment or text me with a photo, name and description to 773 960 3997. Many thanks to all Chainlink "winter warriors" who shared tips over the winter:

in other news, i am trying to track down the rider of an old-fashioned penny-farthing bike.  Does anyone know whom this guy is? If so, can you put me in touch?  photo credit to Tim Inklebarger 

many thanks and happy cycling!

UPDATE 10/5: Thanks to Julie Keating, who connected me to Paul Schmidt, who connected me to Cary Williams, who then gave me Joseph Kelley's deets.  Chainlink cited in 3rd paragraph:

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Maria from Po Campo and The Chainlink just did a feature on bike-friendly fall fashion:

I used to play ultimate frisbee at Josephinum Academy right off of North Ave and he would come practice mounting and dismounting on the path around the field (started sometime this summer), super nice dude that I have run into a few times since. He rides down the 606 sometimes too which is pretty fun to see.

thanks so much! may i photo credit you, "carfreecommuter" and if so, what is your first and last name. i have now talked with two other penny-farthing men, one who prefers to use the term high-wheeled bike and think i have a lead into whom this guy in the photo is!  Possibly a teacher named Joe

Hey Alisa, welcome back!

A good fall fashion idea for men during this decreasing daylight period might be this reflective cycling jacket.
The Proviz Men's Reflect 360 Cycling Jacket. $150 Available at Dick's.

The ad says,
Experience the advantage of being seen 3 seconds earlier with the PROVIZ™ Men's Reflect360 Cycling Jacket. Designed with CE this jacket is 100% reflective by picking up just the slightest bit of light and waterproof for those rainy rides. An extended cut offers rear spray protection while, pockets offer plenty of storage for your cycling needs. Sport the PROVIZ™ cycling jacket and make your morning and evening journey safe and comfortable.

As for the penny farthing guy, carfreecommuter gave you some great clues when & where he 'hangs out'. He's in your reporting beat area, you'll run into him one day, good luck.

From the picture, it looks like he must have fallen off that bike a few times. If you look closely, you'll notice he's wearing an elbow pad on his left side.

I've seen him riding up Damen by Chicago in the early evening. Time for a stakeout.

Thanks, Tom A. K.!  Appreciate the vest tip.  We are doing high and low budget options and $150 is rather steep, so maybe that will be the high end.  The guy in this pic got his vest at Target for $12!   

Ahh, but yes Alisa. Fall fashion. Something with flair, something unique and innovative. Something out of the ordinary and perhaps even expensive.
Let's see how many different pics we have of this guy :)
Let's see how many different photos we have of this guy :)

I love Rapha clothing - especially for fall. The jerseys are warm and soft and don't look too "bikey". I've paired them with jeans. Rapha is expensive but I've come to the conclusion a few good Rapha pieces are worth it (esp. when they are bought during an end of season sale) because they are warm, comfortable, and so well made. 

Giro SPD (MTB) shoes with the lace-ups are great if you like to clip in but need a shoe that will look fairly normal. For women, I like the Civila (I have it in black with blue laces).

They have similar styles for men with the lace-ups.

those are really nice gloves!!  

The gloves are very nice. Looks like they only make men's jerseys, etc. boo. :-/ 



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