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1) You put on your jeans and they already have the right leg rolled up.


2) You do laundry when you don't have any more clean bike shorts.







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you have to move more bikes than chairs when mopping the floor.

22) You hesitate crossing the street to walk the wrong way down a one way.


(# 21 was John Sirovatka's, he just forgot to count.....)

John Sirovatka said:
you have to move more bikes than chairs when mopping the floor.
23) Your roommates can't believe you can sit and talk about bikes for 2 hours and not even yawn.
24) You inwardly giggle when people complain about never being able to find a parking spot. Sometimes, outwardly giggle.

-when you have to feel (or look in the mirror) to see if you have a helmet on ('cuz when you ride long

on the weekend; even with the helmet off it still feels like it's on)


-when you cannot tell friends or family (car-owners) which way to go on certain streets (if they are one-way north or west, for example) 'cuz you never drive on them.


-when you feel safer riding the wrong way ('salmoning')  on a one-way street (and can provide a good argument)

16) when as autumn nears you realize you haven't managed to get the chainring tatoo of grease off your inner calf from early aprils first ride in shorts or the layers of fresh prints reapplied thru the summer.

24)   when your friends and family quit commemting on your ansi yellow clothing

you can't help but laugh when people comment about your helmet with horns

24) You have a bike in the kitchen and a sink full of water bottles along with all the chairs having something hanging on them after a ride. I catch hell for this.
- When you are considering buying a skirt/jeans/shorts and you ask yourself, "Yes, but can I bike in it?" Before you worry about price or fit or attractiveness.
When you get to work and you are either overdressed or underdressed for inside and wish you could open the windows and get fresh air.
The first year you do your taxes and realize how much money you have saved by getting rid of your car.Then you spend all that money on bike stuff.

When you check chainlink and bonktown every morning when you start your day.


You browse CL for bikes after buying a new one recently, incase there is a bike you just have to have.





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