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1) You put on your jeans and they already have the right leg rolled up.


2) You do laundry when you don't have any more clean bike shorts.







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-when the only folks you know who attend the swap-o-rama (or have attended) are not there to buy


When you spend entire lunch breaks searching the chainlink calendar and planning for upcoming rides...
I actually chose my office because it had a shower!

Julie Hochstadter said:
When you take showers in your office bathroom...with a paper towel.
that insanely hot dude becomes mediocre after you realize that he doesn't ride.

Julie Hochstadter said:
You wonder if you could date someone who doesn't cycle.
When you keep a runt and a punk in the office to ride with clients.
My partner said she would never ride a bike again,, then when she started loveing cylcing she said she would never ever ride in the winter,, Two winters later when she had her hip replaced (not bike related) She was craving to get back on her bike as soon as possible. Change is part of life, are you just like you were ten years ago? Cycling is fun, just slow down and join your partner in thier process of becoming a cyclist.

Joel said:
True.  Though I converted my partner by making cycling look fun.

James Baum said:
Bad idea trying to ever change any "partner."  Just bad.  Take them as they are or leave them.

Joel said:
Yes, you just have to convert them over time.

You have a hook in the shower ceiling to hang your bike from as you wash off the salt filled slush.

Shorts with pockets on the sides of your thighs are a great place for bananas.

When you have not just one, but many bikes that are each worth more than your car.

Spring cleaning comes to your shop area at home

When your co workers are freezing at work and you are warm all day after your ride in the morning.

You use the money you save cycling on Great FOOD.

On sub zero days you pull your glove off to watch the steam as it comes off your hands and becomes frost on your body hair 

You are watching the distance your breath travles on sub zero days.

You realize it is easier to stay warm below 32 degrees when the air drys out, than on a 50 or 40 degree day with high humidity or rain. 33 degrees and rain is Da Pits, but 20 below zero is really fun.

When building a wheel seems like a fun thing to do.


Have you ever met a cyclist that was not a " I can do that" type of person. Cyclist are the Best type of people to hire, and invite into your life.


Oh, that's a GREAT idea!

Christopher said:

You have a hook in the shower ceiling to hang your bike from as you wash off the salt filled slush.

You aren't afraid of a little (or a lot) of risk.

you check the weather religiously but never the Traffic


you check out the bike first & then the cyclist ?

You chase bus after bus like a mad dog, after Catching one you are looking ahead for the next one. 

You have two types of cycling modes: Full Blast ON, and parking.

Heated seats???? I have hot buns!!!!! I have Earned these rock hard Glutes.

You can find good restaurants with your nose as you ride new places.

You can find hidden gems of the city as you cruise around.

You wave at bike traffic because you can see their faces.


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