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This looks like fun... Unfortunately, this would never happen in the USA. The government would deem it too dangerous. 

Probably less scary than riding along Western Ave during rush hour. It might not be a bad idea to build structures like these for cyclists over major streets. I might even be willing to pay a fee to use a track like that. Instead of sharing the road, we can have our own. 

Oh, how I miss those days when you could kill yourself doing almost anything.  Yet somehow we didn't.  Usually.

I'm sure there are adequate safety measures on this thing. So the only difference with the usual roller coaster here is that one has to pedal uphill, as I understand it.

Funny, though: a roller coaster in Spanish is "montaña rusa," that is, Russian Mountain. Russians call it "American mountains" (американские горки).

Oh Yeah!!!

Looks more like a ride, than a coaster. My acrophobia would prohibit using it. Kind of like the 'Bruce Lee'-ish commentary, though.


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