Yikes! I need 20 Divvy bikes at 6am tomorrow: West Loop or downtown

Hi everyone! I got a little overexcited when my company announced our team building event week would be in Chicago, and signed up to lead a "Sunrise Chicago Bike Ride", a casual Divvy ride starting at 6:30 am in West Loop (where most people will be staying) and riding to Northerly Island and back. I didn't realize how popular the event would be, and I have 20 people signed up for the ride. Anyone have ideas on which stations might have enough? I can send half of the people to one and half to another as well.

Anyone have ideas?

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I'll Facebook DM some info.

The Divvy app shows aprox how many bikes are available or spaces open at each station 

Also shows electric vs standard and how much charge is on e bikes

Yep, thanks! I just wanted to plan ahead a little more.


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