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It was great to be on with you, Yasmeen, this morning on WBEZ.  You're very insightful about winter cycling.  The Chainlink community appreciates you.

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Sean, thanks!! You rocked it. I can see why you are one of their favorite go-to bike peeps. You gave lots of great advice. We should take this on tour! ;-)

Thanks.  I'm ready to do the tour whenever you are!  LOL

Great work to you both. Perfect tips. I was the first caller--talked too much! Hope I made sense.

I wanted to share with you a article I just wrote for Ride Illinois (used to be League of Illinois Bicyclists). It has some of my favorite tips, as well as some comments about how my winter biking has changed now that my rides are shorter and often end at the playground where I have to stand around for awhile. :)

Also, I see that you have a winter resources page. Nice! Feel free to link to the post which includes a link to a piece John did awhile back for Momentum Magazine, which also has some helpful links about winter biking. And, then there is the old, but sill tip rich

Ride on,

Gin Kilgore

Thanks for sharing the article. You had some great points - the "follow the bus route" is something I hadn't heard before. 

Please let me know when you have more articles in the future. Your site is great for content. :-)

Oops! The show isn't on the website yet (that was yesterday's show). I'll post it when it goes live. 

I had over two pages of notes and I think I covered maybe 15% of it. I'm planning on publishing the rest as an article. In the meantime, if you are looking for information on The Chainlink, I put together some of articles and forum threads we've had on the topic:

Here's the program from this morning. :-)

Great job to both of you!

Thanks! :-)



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