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WTB Waterproof/weatherproof pannier(s) for commuting

Looking for a single or pair of panniers. Can be weather/water proof or have a sleeve/cover for rain or snow.  Want to get the lunch and such off my back and on the bike for my commute.

Need something that is either a universal fit or adjustable, or with a rack.

Color isn't important, neither is age or worn condition just so as long as there isn't tears.

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I've seen it done before: ask the community if someone would like to split the cost of a set of Ortlieb panniers. That way you both get a single pannier. If you're just looking for small, the Ortlieb Front Roller panniers work great on a rear rack. I picked up a set of those for $80 from WesternBikeWorks after a pricematch a few years ago. It's also good to shop local.

I currently use a large Sealline backpack, which I love but would like to get the weight off my back, so probably something of a decent proportion. 

I might do that though.

Go to REI this weekend and get some basic Ortleibs. They're on sale. Get the pair and you can do the shopping, too.

Might try this, but I'm working this entire weekend which means I have to sneak out. Maybe grab a kid or 2 to take with and give the wife some time with one of them. 


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