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This might be the most durable and bombproof commuter/hauler around. Has ability to hold 110 pounds in the rear and 55 up front with the removable front rack. Everything is sealed for durability including brakes and chain. Even has a built in lock over the rear wheel.

It is manufactured in Holland by Workcycles in the Azor factory. This is as authentic of a dutch bike as you will find.

This bike has a tall standover at 890mm but has a very short reach. I am around 6'1" and it is about spot on. Someone much taller could ride it as well and depending on your pubic bone height perhaps a bit shorter. It is listed as a 65cm version. If you can clear the top tube you will find it is like sitting on a throne. Amazing comfort for everyday riding. I've even taken it on 20 mile trips and while it is heavy, it can carry almost anything.

More info here:

Hand-Brazed, Lugged Steel Frame, Oversized Tubing
Zinc Carbonate Primer, Wear Resistant Powdercoat
Heavy Duty 28 Inch Wheels With Special Double Wall Rims
Puncture Resistant, Schwalbe Marathon Tires
Shimano Nexus 8-Speed Internal Gear Hub
Front And Rear Shimano Rollerbrakes
Strong Rear Rack With Elastic Straps
Hub Dynamo, upgrade Busch and Muller LED Headlamp, LED Taillight With Standlight
Zinc- And Powder-Coated Fenders
Rear Wheel Guards
Fully Enclosed Chain Case
Integrated Rear Wheel Lock
Steering Stabilizer Spring
Center Mounted Double Leg Kickstand
Brooks B67 Genuine Leather Saddle
Chromed, Brass Bell
Additional and removable front rack

Asking $1000

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Welcome to Spring!  Come and buy a sweet dutch bike at a great price!

Price drop to $950

Hi Dave.  A few questions re the Workcycles double tube:

-how old is the bike?

-how often did you ride it?

-how stored?

Thanks.  Noah Sullivan

PS.  Please email me

Hey Noah, dropped you an email.

Too bad I've hit my N+1 limit. This looks like a really sweet ride.

Sure is.  Something magical about the comfort of riding a Cadillac at 90 degrees!

Price drop.......$850!  Come one people.  This ain't no mass produced hybrid!

Dave - just here to help! If it's in as good a condition as it appears, it's a bargain! I have a WorkCycles GR8 from JC Lind - I can't find enough reasons to ride it, in every kind of weather. Although a different model, I can absolutely speak to WorkCycles incredible quality and durability. Good luck!


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