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Biking east on washington at about 810am, approaching lasalle. I see that I have the light and about 12 seconds to make it, and was on pace to cross lasalle going east.

A cyclist in front of me (also going east) got hit by a black BMW going south (which either made an illegal right turn where there's a no right turn sign or had eaten the light. I hung a right and saw the BMW caught at the next light and took this picture. Then went back and gave the photo to the cyclist, who was banged up, but grateful for the photo. I hope they catch this driver.

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Glad you seem to be OK, one suggestion I can make in the future if this happens is to call an ambulance.  Even if you think you are OK you might have injuries that come about later.  It also moves the police to your location and they can catch the driver much easier and earlier.

Wishing you good healing.

Good job, VW, and Jon I'm glad that the injuries aren't worse!

I'm a big fan of protected bike lanes and am thrilled that I now make regular use of three of them in the Loop: Dearborn, Washington and Randolph, after many years of riding with no bike lanes at all, so yay for all the progress. However, there really needs to be enforcement of the drivers turning across the bike lane when they have a red arrow, or when it's a "no turns allowed" intersection. It's hugely dangerous. I ride fairly slowly on purpose because I know drivers sometimes ignore the red arrow or sign, and yet I've also had numerous near-crashes due to this issue.

That LaSalle intersection is a deathtrap, and Wells isn't much better.


Drivers routinely ignore the "no turn" sign and the red arrow, but at least they exist! Randolph and Canal inexplicably has neither...and then inexplicably turns onto the sidewalk. Southbound Clinton still ends on the left and then re-starts on the right. Just an all-around awful design.

Difference between a BMW and a porcupine?  A porcupine's pricks are on the outside.

Sorry this happened to you, but good thing there was someone who snapped this pic!

Similar happened to me a few weeks ago, getting grazed by a minivan on the dearborn bike path. Scabs on my elbow are gone - the driver and his passenger were nonchalant making a left turn into walking pedestrians and cyclists who had the right of way at the time. 

I hope this driver realizes the impact of his consequences, and I hope you are doing ok. 

I also echo Michelle and Maurice's observations about drivers routinely making right turns where there's a red arrow or a no right turn sign (at the downtown intersections mentioned). It's like they don't see the sign at all or use it as more of a suggestion than a hard and fast rule. They either blow right through it or do that slow rolling turn where you can see their intention (and they often get an earful from me).

I have never seen any traffic enforcement for this and drivers seem emboldened as a result.

I would like to believe that most of us just use the BMW driver as the most notorious 'example' of the least favorable companion to share the road with. There are exceptions for everything. This is something I think we have used as a sarcastic reference.

Enough with this thread drift. Best wishes for a full recovery to Jon Sheffield.

That's frustrating.

That's ridiculous of the police. How hard would it be to look up their secretary of state info and show up on their doorstep? 

That was quick thinking but as I found out in a hit & run that hit me, having the plate & car description is worthless without being able to ID who was driving the car.

Sorry that happened to you but can you explain why it would be worthless? It's at least circumstantial evidence  (which is still evidence) that the owner was the driver, or in the alternative negligently entrusted someone else with their car. The owner could be questioned under oath, and if they plead the fifth that could be used for an inference that they were the driver (I would think), or they can out who the driver was and that person could be added to a lawsuit or criminal fleeing the scene charges. I don't see how the law would want to give an incentive for someone to flee the scene of an accident that they caused and throw their hands up and say "It wasn't me driving and I have no idea who was driving my car" without putting that owner in some hot water.


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