"Beginning on January 1, 2019 the 'Dutch Reach' will be taught in drivers ed."

I still prefer the old-fashioned 'look-in-the-mirror-for-oncoming-traffic-and -opening-the-car-door-slowly' effective. If others find the 'Dutch Reach' as helpful, ok. 

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Another thing to throw in the fold, drivers who are texting.

I had to ride south on Wabash from Adams because I had forgotten my wallet and keys.

Got them, and headed north towards Wabash and E Harrison.

As I am waiting for the light to turn green (was waiting next to construction on my way to Dearborn), there was a car on my right... light turns green and she went north! There, Wabash is where it turns to a southbound one way street. She was texting when I saw her. 

I turned left, went my merry way... and was left with the impression of drivers who text, pedestrians who text, and cyclists who text while moving forward...AY!

Statistically, as far as texting driver's go, they are in the same category as those who are legally drunk. That's why its a crime. I'd be tempted to follow her and call the police. These people need to understand what's (who's) at risk here. One way to do that is to call them out, get them cited and make the public aware that we won't tolerate it. 

This is akin to the story of Jose Torres, who had the courage to step forward and call out Jason Van Dyke for the crime he committed. Jose realized that not doing so made him an accomplice to a crime. Like they say, if you see something, say something. 

I don't wish to put you on a guilt trip, maybe you had other priorities at the time, but we're all in this together.  

Sadly sometimes it's nearly impossible to act promptly if at all.

Early one morning a few weeks ago, i was in my car waiting at the light to turn onto the tollway. Waiting next to me was a delivery truck, and i could plainly see that the driver had his phone propped up on the steering wheel and was watching a movie! (And no, it wasn't a GPS he had on.) The light changed and we both pulled onto the entry ramp, and he still had the phone in front of him. Since i was alone and driving, i could not call him in, nor could i see any company name on the truck (TTBOMK, Illinois requires that info on a commercial vehicle.)

 Nothing more i could do but let him get down the road well ahead of me and hope he didn't kill anyone! It's a shame that the distracted driving laws are basically unenforceable.


My reaction exactly!


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