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White House Capital Bikeshare Station Removed By Trump Administration

If you go to D.C. you'll see Capital Bikeshare everywhere, extending to the nearby suburbs. It's baffling to see Trump's administration remove the station, essentially discouraging biking to work as an option. To keep the station required no effort on their part and yet they needed to make the extra effort to have it removed.

The Trump administration has dismantled aspects of Obama’s legacy, big and small — including the Capital Bikeshare station that was installed on the White House grounds at the request of the Obama administration. 

The District’s Department of Transportation confirmed Wednesday that it removed the nine-slot Bikeshare station this week at the Trump administration’s request. 

Unlike every other Bikeshare station in the region, this one was not accessible to the public and could only be used by commuters who had access to White House grounds. The Obama administration requested the station in 2010.

“We got the request to remove it, and we honored that request,” said Terry Owens, spokesman for the District’s transportation agency.

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Well, because... Obama!


Trump and Bannon shouldn't be doing away with exercise devices. Just sayin' #golfcartsdontburncalories

Well, he got rid of Bannon, finally.

Reminds me of Reagan taking down the solar panels.


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