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Hi! Looking for a used bike. I know of Working Bikes but to expand my options, is there anywhere else in Chicagoland?

I was thinking something similar to Pros Closet in Boulder.

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I've had good success on Craigslist as well.  It's remarkable how many nice bikes end up hanging in someone's garage for years until they go on there.

Check out The Recyclery on Paulina in Rogers Park. Buchephalus Bikes in Evanston also sells used (and new) bikes.

I second the Recyclery. Awesome non-profit educational shop with a great mission and reasonable prices. Maybe I'm biased--I volunteer there.

I'm surprised something like The Pro's Closet doesn't exist in Chicago (or other major cities). 

I see lots of local racers around here on brand new gear every season. I know some of last year's stuff gets handed down to other racers and juniors at the end of the season, but what happens to the rest of it? I see some things on Craigslist, but as a potential buyer, cash transactions with strangers make me uncomfortable. 

Working Bikes is great, and I've donated several bikes and lots of other equipment to them, but it's not really a place to go for buying used race gear.




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