So, I have never been one to have everything/anything on my bike particularly color coordinated, however....I just bought my Gal a bike for our anniversary and she has her heart set on blue fenders.

I'm looking for basically a 35-45mm wide (27"/700c) blue or light blue plastic/chlomoplastic fenders.

I see Soma makes a pearl blue which would be about the perfect color.
(Although, I'm not crazy about Soma fenders as I tend to think of their fender stay to fender body attachment to be inferior to the sks style--for long term durability reasons)

Does anyone else make blue fenders? Do ya'll know where in the city that has them IN STOCK? so I could like actually buy them the same day I walk into the shop (seems everyone is willing to order).

Thanks so much in advance-

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Buy the fenders you want get some quality spray paint. There's a Montana shop in Oak Park.
We generally have blue Soma fenders in stock at Boulevard Bikes,
2535 N. Kedzie in Logan Square. If we're out of them we can get them in
about a week.

John Greenfield
I spray painted mine, they make spray paint that's specifically for plastic. I've had 'em a few months now, and the paint's holding up fine.


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