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Where did the Elston bike lanes go between Diversey and Addison

After last year's road construction on Elston, the pavement is smooth and the riding is good.  The yellow divider and the crosswalks have been well painted.  But the bike lane for these two miles have been deleted.

The entirety of this stretch runs through Deborah Mell's ward.  I contacted her office about this a month back but I have heard nothing from her.  Is it safe to assume that the lane is permanently gone in her ward?

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We tweeted about this on Streetsblog recently. This stretch was repaved in late 2016, when it was too cold to lay themoplastic stripes for bike lanes. CDOT recently said the bike lanes will be restriped when the weather permits, which should be this week, since temperatures will be in the 60s again.

Thanks for this update, John. I'd been concerned about this too.

Looks like I spoke too soon about the lanes coming back this week. The latest from CDOT: "Pavement markings will be going in on Elston in the coming weeks."

how about some paint markings until it's warm enough for the more permanent thermoplastic? i see that CDOT was able to mark out center stripes and turn lanes...

you cannot tell me that this cannot happen; i have seen minor street repairs in albany park take much longer to get corrected than major resurfacing jobs in the gold coast.

As I pedaled down Elston this morning I noticed that there are now no parking signs (5/11-5/26) weekdays during the day - reason: arterial road resurfacing.


They were out there spraying the initial lines for the SB lane on my commute this morning. Hopefully we'll have our lanes back soon.

I'll be pedaling through there northwest-bound in about 2 hours, it will good to see the progress. Hopefully the new markings will help keep people from parking their cars by the bump out in front of 3440 N. Elston. Being a pragmatist, probably not. :-/

Striped from California to Kedzie on both sides.

Great news, thanks!

They were doing the preliminary spray paint for the NB lane from California to Western this morning. Yay!

I rode south down Elston from Addison to Diversey on Tuesday afternoon and there is definitely at least spraypaint down to mark where the thermoplastic is going to go.


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