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When will the Trail Separation project be completed?

So my girlfriend just informed me that she was in a bike-on-bike accident on the Lakefront Trail at Belmont. It's an area where separation has occurred and lines have been painted. But the old lines still exist and there is no transition from old to new lines, nor direction for pedestrians and bikers on which lanes to choose.

This area has bugged the crap out of me for a long while now. A couple of weeks ago, I honestly seriously considered creating my own stencils and bringing some paint out there and doing it myself.

So, anybody know when it's going to be finished? Or is this going to need to be a DIY project?

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 I’m not sure anyone is still reading this forum, but I’ll go ahead and weigh in since I am a witness to the crash.  Both Mark and Bob have made it clear that the rider was not trying to pass anyone, but swerved off the trail to avoid running in to the cyclist in front of him who had slowed unexpectedly and dramatically because of the jogger in front of the group. Once off the trail, the rider found himself face-to-face with a giant orange barrel. He successfully steered  between the barrel and the tree. Unfortunately, his front wheel dropped into a hole in the rough section of the grass, a holdover from the construction of the path or the planting of the trees. At this point, his wheel bent and he was propelled over the handlebars. When he  landed on his head, he broke his neck. That is what you see in the photograph.  So yes, the barrel did not cause the crash, but it was a part of the outcome.  Minus the barrel, perhaps the rider would have just sailed off into the grass and then rejoined the group.  No one can say anything for certain.

I think the point is that when people make uninformed conclusions and accusations, it can be very disparaging and hurtful to victims of an unavoidable accident. I also know, that when the victim came to the Chainlink to view the pictures of his crash scene, he was a bit upset, and more than a little angry.

I hope  that in future, people might ask a few questions before they jump to conclusions and accusations.  Just my two cents. 


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