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My normal commute is short (about 5 miles) and entirely on city streets, with car traffic. Today, I had to go to the South Shore Cultural Center for work. I live in Avondale. This meant that, once I got to Lincoln Park, it was free and clear sailing all the way down to 71st St. It was a beautiful morning; I was in a hurry, so I was hustling, and I had a tailwind. It made my day, and all before 9:00! What's more, I knew I'd get to do it over again in the afternoon. Granted, I did have a stiff headwind for that one. Once I got back to the north side, I decided I'd do something I'd been meaning to do but had never gotten around to, and ride the whole thing end-to-end in both directions. So up to Hollywood, back to North Ave. and then back home. It was suuuch a pleasure! Yes, not truly unexpected since I knew I had to go to the SSCC today, but it feels unexpected anyway.


So that made me think: what has been your unexpected pleasure on a bicycle this spring?



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There was some epic light show stuff going on last night, was dark, an to top it off of course it was raining. Wasn't looking forward to for i hadn't any rain gear or anything. Just my bike, front light, trail, flat cap, and dress clothes.


ended up soaked and filled with joy. something about that ride... Glad I did it after all

My new route from the south side to the loop includes the section of Loomis from 31st to 18th, and just north of Cermak there are a few rough railroad crossings.  The asphalt is buckled in a way that makes them a perfect little ramp, but I didn't realize it until the other day.


I was on my mountain bike with a little tailwind and nowhere to be so I decided to have some fun.  I timed my bunny-hop perfectly and got near 18" off the ground and managed to clear the tracks completely.  I landed so hard I bottomed out both the front and rear suspension, but nothing broke, so I just continued on my way.  I was happy to throw down some mtb in the middle of the city since I can't go to the trails as much as I want these days.


It's the little things.


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