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Share your pics, videos, streets, stories of what you find in the bike lane of the non-bike variety that has an impact on your ride and/or your safety. I've decided to keep it a little more open ended - cars, snow, buses, garbage, cabs, etc. If they shouldn't be in the bike lane, go ahead and add it to this thread. Please be safe if you are taking pics or video! :-) 

My hope is that we can collectively build some evidence of what we see when riding in the city with the overall hope of better enforcement of "bikes only" and improving maintenance. 

Update: More Hashtags to Capture Vehicles in the Bike Lane

With popular hashtags:

#LaneSpreading (Chicago Bike Selling)

#ClearTheWay (ActiveTrans), there are many options to capture violations.

We think you should use ALL of them AND post your photos on The Chainlink. ;-)

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If you work at 123 N. Wacker and received a large package from USPS this morning with a size-9 foot print on one side and a dent on the other, that was courtesy of me.  Sorry not sorry.


I'm guessing he means it was a USPS truck parked there with a package unattended or something....took out his frustration on it, perhaps???

USPS, UPS, and/or FedEx trucks are parked there at the mouth of the fancy newish "protected" lane virtually all day every weekday. This morning, there were 2, but they left about 3 feet of space on the right side so bikes can (just barely) pass within the designated, green-painted bike lane. At least until I got there, and one of the drivers decided to push a loaded hand truck into my path without looking.

Several weeks ago I told a stretched limo to get out of the bike lane at Noble and Augusta; he just waved me off like a fly.  I stopped, got off my bike and wrote down his license plate, then moved across the street to call the police.  I figured as a licensed chauffer he should know (and act) on the rules.  He then rolled down his window and swore at me.  I continued to tell the police (911) what happened and then wrote on the CPD website a report.  I will be going on 3/31 to this driver's hearing.  

Wish me luck.  

Nancy L. Fagin

Good luck, and good for you!

Good luck! & thanks for your dedication and the follow through. Perhaps showing some of the images from this thread will help support your position that this is unacceptable behavior, systemic, creates situations that are dangerous to others and needs to be addressed not just ignored. Good luck again. I'm putting a calendar reminder on my phone so I remember to cross my toes for you that day.

how did it go?

I filled out a cab violation via 311 online last fall. Cab mad a wild U turn on Milwaulkee, hit the plastic pole marking the 2way green PBL, ran over an and almost hit me in the process. Took his photo and submitted the complaint. Got several emails about hearing dates and possibly needing to show up, but today I got the conclusion to the case:While it doesn't please me to affect his livelihood, I'm glad an actual consequence came out of his dangerous behavior. Wish the same applied to Uber/Lyfts, but it's a start.

Hope your case goes the same way!

Take a week off, and....nothing changes.

1841 W. Ogden 03/21/2017 4:10pm - CTA Medical District Blue Line.

1850 W. Roosevelt Rd 03/22/2017 7:10am - Serial offender.


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