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26mph.  I was on Sheffeld near Addison. I had a tail wind. It's a little downhill grade.  By the time I hit the empty intersection I was wiping tears away from the wind and focusing on holding the bike steady.

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29.97mph on a downhill outside St. Louis. Exhilarating!

42, going downhill at Kensington Park in Michigan.

35 mph on a long downhill in New Hampshire. I'm sure it would have gotten over 40 mph, but I was braking because I knew there was a section of rough pavement at the bottom of the hill.

46.3 mph on Highway 1 in California.  50 mph in Veroqua, WI but I don't count it because I crashed.

Ouch! What road were you on near Veroqua? There are some wicked hills in that area.

Hope you weren't too badly hurt!

I was really lucky to only have a good bruise on my forearm.  Nothing broken and only bent my aluminum bike frame. 

Not sure the exact road, but that Driftless area sure has some steep rises.

Once topped off near 50mph on Wisconsin HY 113 coming out of Devil's Lake state pk. Bike started to shimmy and i saw god... don't know how but i somehow managed to stay upright.

40.47 mph, although Cyclemeter won't specify when or where unless I upgrade to "Elite" or page thru all my rides to pinpoint it. I don't remember the ride offhand but I'm guessing it was in Southern Ohio -- not enough hill around these parts to get that kind of speed!

I hit 29 going down a hill at the Apple Cider Century.  I could have gone faster, but by then I was too tired to pedal down the hills.  Plus, my bike was a tad sketchy.

I've stayed upright

I had no speedometer on my bike, but I'm pretty sure it was coming down some mountains in Costa Rica one time. I had disc brakes but I wasn't trying to overly tax them on the way down, and towards the last leg of the descent I was just going way faster than I'd ever care to go on a bike again, it was terrifying.

28 mph on flat ground with a Tailwind on Hibbard Rd in Winnetka. I know I've hit 32 going downhill, but it escapes me where it was.


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