I'm sure it will Snow again like opening day but I'm also sure we won't be getting a polar vortex this year.

It was a mild Winter and I never had to wear my Balaclava, wear gloves under my gloves, triple layer my socks or use my reflective heat Columbia shirt.

Wore Goggles twice during a couple snows but that's about it.

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I'm grateful that I only needed my full cold weather gear twice. Previous winters I'd wear it for weeks at a time.  Did not need to put plastic bags over my feet in my shoes to keep the sub-zero wind out.

I'm "grateful" for running on clear pavement with studded tires for most of the winter.

it's not that i didn't need it at all, but i only rode my studded tire winter bike about a dozen times this winter.

in years past there have been winter seasons where i'm on studs seemingly most of the time.

i wish they could all be this easy.

My skis. I would normally complain for the last three years there was only one weekend where the snow was deep enough at local preserves, but this year there was nothing.

I did not need my electric socks.  They were a present to me not something I bought and I still wore them other times but did not wear them on my bike.  My hands still got cold so I used those handwarmers but they seem wasteful in a way as single use.  


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