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We've all read CLP's mantra, "STOP THE INSANITY!   NO MORE BIKE LANES!" shouted from the rooftops, shouted on the forum, shouted on group rides...

Now he's gone and changed the minds of Active Trans, Streetsblog, and the City of Chicago. No more bike lanes. Starting April 1, in an effort to make cyclists MUCH MUCH more safe, the City of Chicago will be removing all protected lanes, bike lanes, and sharrows putting cyclists' safety in hands of the much more responsible motorist community rather than the reckless riders of bikes.

CLP got his wish. Now he's hoping for a nation-wide implementation of his anti-bike lane dream... STOP THE INSANITY!   NO MORE BIKE LANES!

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Thank you so much, clp.  You bravely stood by your positions for so long all alone.  Finally, the world has come to realize you were right all along.  You are the lone hero who has saved us from ourselves.  (7:51)

Excellent recent video (3-27-19) 'Bike lanes are not good enough'

From: City Beautiful - Rethinking Streets



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