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On Saturday, July 3, 2021, two of us are riding into downtown Chicago.  We're going to be there from mid-morning to mid-afternoon before we take our bikes on Amtrak up to Milwaukee.  Is there a place in the Loop that we can arrange for a secure indoor place to lock up our bikes?  McDonald Cycle Center looks ideal, but it's still closed and I've gotten guidance it's not likely to open by 7/3. Also don't know if it's open on weekends normally.  

I know there are bike racks, and they'll probably do if we have to, but I'd rather find someplace less visible.  Even a car garage that has a place to lock up would be ideal, but I just don't know one.

There are other forum posts on this, but they are years old.  Maybe someone knows something more up to date?

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Several years ago, when it first opened, I parked my bike at the Millennium Park bike garage (now called the McDonald's Cycle Center, I guess). I had a summer pass. I don't know if they do day passes, but it would be worth a call. I don't know if this is the official website, but it sort of looks like it (odd URL though).

Sorry, I clearly haven't had enough coffee yet today.

That's okay, Skip. You're dead on, it looks perfect, but damn it's closed. If you run into an alternative on your second or third cup, lemme know. 

Hey there, anybody who read this.  I rode Milwaukee to Chicago Friday and Saturday, and Bike and Roll/McDonald Cycle Center was only open for rentals, but we did find a place to stash our bikes.  Sure enjoyed ride on the Oak Leaf, MRK, Kenosha County, McCrory, Green Bay and Lakefront Trails.  Amtrak back yesterday afternoon.  Found a lot to love in Chicago; always do.

Glad to hear that you had a good visit. The trails in Milwaukee are beautiful, and Amtrak is a pleasant way to make the return trip.


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