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May 26th marks the 6-year anniversary of a meeting held on the north side to explore this bike path.  This had the support of the local alderman and Rep. Quigley.

This would connect to the new North Branch Trail.

Is anything being done?

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It's done between Devon and Touhy.

That's Lincolnwood, not Chicago.

Pretty much Cyclocross north of the river to Devon. I noticed some progress between Pulaski (Granville) and Devon that indicates paving in the works. South of the river it's a mix of coarse gravel (especially on the bridges) and single track all the way to the southern terminus on Cicero (near Montrose). It's quite a challenge getting on and off there but doable for the adventure types.

Map of the full ride

Motivated by the post went for a stroll on the northern part or the Weber Spur. 



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