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I was reading a book about biking that recommended waxing the frame, spokes, and chain in winter to help keep out salt and reduce rust on steel bikes.

Have any of you tried this?  Has it helped?

I'll admit it sounds appealing but was skeptical because this advice was written by a Californian.


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I met a guy from Alaska when I was touring Hawaii, he waxed his chain. I haven't ever tried it but his chain looked immaculate in comparison to my oiled chain. My steel bikes all have framesaver on the inside, and when I see a scratch I tend to go over it with nail polish. I've never had an issue with my bikes rusting, and pre-pandemic I was a full year bicycle commuter. I wash my bike once or twice a winter, on those random 50 degree days that appear.

My suggestion in summary:
Wax your chain, if that doesn't work, oil it.

Framesaver your frame.


Good idea to make it easier to clean and provide a bit of protection against the elements. Definitely on the frame. Unlikely to be necessary on spokes these days as modern spokes are generally made of stainless steel. 


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