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So...I registered for Bike the Drive. And it occurred to's rain or shine. What if it rains??

Well...I don't have waterproof stuff. In fact...I don't really wear bike-specific clothing when I'm out...just a general athletic-style shirt that I can change out of when I get to work...and if it looks like it's going to rain, I stay off the bike. (Got caught in an unexpected downpour once while wearing jeans, and the chafing was TORTURE...had to stay off the bike for a week after that!)

So...I went online shopping looking for waterproof shorts/pants, and I found that...they appear to be made only for people in much better shape than me! Or in the best case scenario, the largest sizes end *just before my size*. Ughghh..

I mean, for cripe's sakes, one of the reasons I got a bike was to lose weight...but...they don't make clothing for people of my obesity! Anybody have any suggestions??? And yeah, I know: lose weight. :)  WHICH IS WHY I BOUGHT A BIKE. And it's probably not possible to lose that much (healthily!) in two and a half weeks...

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I have worn plenty of orange ponchos while riding bikes, and done just fine.  I agree that the sizing of bike clothes is a bit problematic.  For one thing, the sizing seems to be much smaller for the bike clothes.  I learned the hard way that just because I wear a large T-shirt doesn't mean a large bike jersey will fit. 

Very true. And some brands run smaller than others.

Pearl Izumi makes great quality stuff, but I'm limited in which items I can wear. Gloves and socks are true to normal sizing. Jerseys, jackets and shorts run smaller than many other brands.

If it rains you get wet.

It's in summer so you won't freeze and you probably won't melt.

I don't mind getting wet; it's the chafing that bugs me.

Bike-specific clothing is a big part of preventing chafing. I like a good padded short, preferably bib shorts, and some kind of fender or mudguard to keep water off your backside. Additionally, if you still have problems with chafing, consider chamois cream before your ride and maybe even some after ride cream.

Wear different clothes.

Stay away from denim on the bike and life gets better.

I'm a husky lad and I skew towards Dickies style workwear and snug seamless underwear when not using bike specific clothing and I almost never experience chafing issues.

Its unlikely but the end of May can still be quite cool.  

Rain capes are all the rage and by most accounts they work.  I still have rain pants and a rain jacket but I rarely use them.  Here is a short demonstration by Brooks on their use....  :-)

How are they about keeping the rain off pants, though?

i'll point out that rain capes are great but your bike should have fenders, otherwise the wheels' splash gets under it. Also they can be quite a sail in a stiff wind. They are well-ventilated and cooler than the jacket & pants raingear.

+1  The ventilation factor for rain capes is something to consider, though the sail factor is an issue at higher speeds.

HA! I actually just REMOVED the rear fender from my Trek because it was causing more trouble than it was preventing. :)  The thing mounts within millimeters of the tire, and just the slightest little jostle makes it rub against the tire. It ended up bending permanently and literally stopped my rear tire from spinning, so I took the bugger off. (And I actually had to BREAK it off because one of the bolts is permanently frozen in somehow!)

I have a rack on the back, and one of its selling points was that it supposedly doubles as a fender. NOPE. It does nothing.

Thinking of just getting a clip-on for the rear.


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