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Fun reading thanks !

My favorite 'types' list is from Denver a few years ago.  I never was able to ride safely around the city back in the mid 90s.  After breaking a wheel in a pothole I gave up and bought a cheap used car to see me through school.  Denver's got a lot more bikes these days, though.

Kenny Be's guide to summer's terrifying two-wheeled creatures

Funny article.  Even funnier that every species is comprised exclusively of males!  How do they reproduce?  With each other?  Is that where the hybrid came from? 

Apparently this bicycle thing is REALLY expensive.  In order to fit in with one of these tribes a prospective rider is going to have to spend many thousands of dollars on a bike and gear right off the bat or they will never be accepted by their peers. 

Wow.   That's what I get from this article. 


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