I searched previous posts and didn't see a voting resource discussion, but figured other CLers might appreciate a place to post on this topic. Specifically, I found this early voting waiting time viewer helpful (assuming it is accurate) as I am hoping to time my commute to avoid lines for early voting on my way home.


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Thanks for sharing. If it's possible to avoid the early lines, this will be a helpful resource.

So far, my anecdotal feedback through a day and a half is that this tracker is wildly unreliable, at least on the Oak Park Village Hall early voting facility. I’ve been by 5 times yesterday and today when the viewer shows “no wait” and the line winds through the courtyard and stretches around the block along Madison Street and Lombard Avenue.

Oh wow. I did early voting for Obama at the OP village hall and I remember a wait but nothing that went outside. And I went on the weekend. Doesn't sound like that app is reliable. 

My during the week visit to Gaithersburg, MD had no line. I was able to register and vote in under 30 minutes. I believe there's only one place in the county which seems a bit ridiculous. 


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