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Vote For Your Favorites! The Chainlink's Best of Biking in Chicago: Readers' Choice.

We're having the first-ever Chainlink Chicago bike-related awards. This will allow you to  vote on your favorites in many bike-related categories.  Spread the word with your bike friends!! 

Voting takes about 5 minutes to complete.

Vote NOW through March 25!

Note: It was the coolest thing ever to receive nominations. Thanks so much for thinking of us! Being a Chainlink award, we felt it was a bit of a conflict of interest to include ourselves. That said, please do check out our training rides, casual rides, charity events, etc. as they start up again (soon!). We'd love to have you join us!

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I get a page-can't-be-displayed error message when I click the link...could be my browser though.

Hi Alex, it's a Google form and it may be the network you are on? We've been getting lots of nominations and I just checked the link again (it's working). Maybe try on a different browser and/or network? Thanks!!

Only a few more days to nominate your favorites!! Once we close the nomination entries, we'll count the choices and voting will begin.

Voting is open! It takes about 5 minutes to vote for your favorites.

No Roscoe Village Bikes?

They are a great shop. You'll definitely need to nominate them next year! All of the nominees are from the nominations we received. In cases of more competitive areas we included as many as we could and took into account the number of times they were nominated.

Thanks for the nomination in the Bike Advocate category. Now please vote for someone else! I'm proud of the advocacy work we do as an extension of litigating on behalf of injured bicyclists. But the other nominees are Bike Advocates first and foremost and they deserve all the recognition. Thanks again! -Mike

I tried to vote, but had no basis for doing so on many categories, so it would not accept my partial ballot.

Yea, it's lame that we can't submit a partial ballot. I'm not about to just randomly vote on a bunch of stuff, even on election day!

Lolz. We have three days left for voting. Only the first categories are required now. You can pick which ones you'd like to answer. 

not true.  i just tried voting and it required responses for mechanics, of which i have no knowledge so therefore i could not submit my survey.  

You’ve never needed to go to a local bike shop for a repair?


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