Take 90 seconds to vote for Palos Trails in Michelob Ultra's Extra Mile campaign:


...and you'll help raise up to $20,000 for the mountain bike & hiking trails in the Palos preserves.

The American Hiking Society and Michelob Ultra chose Trails for Illinois to receive funding to improve and expand the fabulous running and mountain biking trails of the Palos forest preserves just southwest of the city.

All the trails you'll see listed will get a minimum of $5000 towards a spring project. But votes can earn a lot more than that for a trail, up to $20,000. I'll use that money to partner with CAMBr and the Flatlanders trail running club—both already volunteer in Palos—to turbo boost their work.

Please vote (and look for a verification email the website will send you), and share the link with others to vote, too.

I really appreciate the help. Thank you for supporting Trails for Illinois!

May your home be your trailhead,

Steve Buchtel, Executive Director


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Good luck! Cross-posted to The Chainlink's FB and Twitter too. I love Palos. :-)

Ha, me too! I got a Surly Krampus a couple months ago, and I can't get enough of it. The fun just seems endless.

We love the trails at Palos, and would love to see them get even better!

Glad to cast our vote on behalf of this campaign!

Much appreciated, Active Trans!

Thanks, Chris.


Thanks, Moose!


Yeah, it jumped end of last week. It's not updating live with each vote, apparently updating manually on their end. Can't wait for the next update—it's been at 10.2% since last Thursday evening. I bet we're in front, or close.



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