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I've got a helmet camera that I almost never use. I'm contemplating recording my commute—just pondering whether it's worth it to gather footage that I'll usually never look at. 

You folks who record: Do you look back regularly/every time/only if something happens? Do you save your videos? Do you record "in case of disaster" or for other reasons? 

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On a related note, does anyone have any recommendations for a good commute camera, and if so why do you recommend it? I've been pondering getting one, and am looking for specific features that others find make the camera convenient and useful.

I've been using front and rear mounted cameras for around 10 years.  I've never needed the footage, but I still run them, because if something does happen the camera will be there to tell the story to the authorities.  I use a GoPro on the front, and a Garmin virb on the rear, simply because those are the cameras I have.  

The answer here may depend on how you ride.  If you stop at stop signs and lights, and otherwise follow the rules of the road, then your recordings would help you press a case, or, be exculpatory if there's a case against you,


If you're a rule-breaker and strike a pedestrian or otherwise create a roadway hazard while breaking the rules that results in a traffic accident or injury of of someone, then your video evidence is just that.  Evidence.  And if you destroy your video file or alter your usual pattern of record retention after a traffic mishap or your documentation or deletion (you'll likely be asked about all that by an attorney who's not on your side) to evade prosecution or tort action, you can be in a world of hurt for that as well.  So it all depends on how you ride. This one's a two-way street not a one-way street. 

Ha, yeah, that's a consideration. I'm sort of puzzling now through what my usual pattern of record retention should be to begin with. But I'm pretty satisfied with my law-abiding-ness. LOL. 



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