This Saturday must have been one of the last fair weather days to ride the trails. Got the green light from the wife to head out to the trails on Saturday and had to watch our newborn all day Sunday as a result (not a bad tradeoff). That gave me some time to do some editing, so I made a video of my Saturday commute out to the trails.

I tried something different this time around. If you like longer format videos with some ramblings, click on below. Otherwise, plenty of short 1 min videos on the channel including the one referenced here where I ride down the escalator :o


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Great video. Thanks for sharing!

Thanks bud!

Very cool! 

What bus do you take and to what stop? Would love to explore more of the palos single track, but it's hard to get there from the city without a car.

That's the orange line to midway followed by a pace bus out to Palos Hills, there's a couple options you can take depending on the day, time, and what part of the trails you want to ride.

I used to wait for my buddies to head out there to catch a ride but they clearly don't go out there as often as I would like. And depending on traffic and logistics, this may sometimes be faster.

This is pretty good info man, thanks! I'd never seen that online version of the regional map. When I first pieced together the route I was a bit nervous, didn't even know if my metra card would work. Now that I feel more comfortable I might try new stuff, specially up north to raceway woods and further west to Saw Wee Kee. Soon. Feel free to subscribe to the channel for more stuff coming up, I hope.

Hey Marcelo! Congrats on being a new dad!! :-) Awesome video as always.


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