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The bug problem seems to be getting worse while cycling this year.They are really starting to ruin evening/am rides.

Have insects been giving you any problems on your rides?

Tour de Night Ride Start 7-12-18 (0:58)

artwork credit: Evie 7, & the old guy

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I haven't noticed this at all, but I also haven't been out much in the late evening. Good luck!

Riding south to La Rabida and back up north, there's those clouds of gnats. Minimal amount of protein. 

Late afternoon & early evening anywhere near water brings out swarms of gnats which seem to hover right about head-level. Deep dusk and night one may collide with moths which seem to easily find their way into your shirt or jersey. These are the joys of summer riding. i wear sunglasses in the day and clear or yellow  lenses at night to keep them out of my eyes. Did some riding on the Wild Goose trail in WI last weekend and the plague there was swarming deer flies,which seem to be attracted to and chase anything in motion. When they manage to land they bite hard! One got under my glasses- most disconcerting! Got some interval training in trying to outrun them.

Ah, summertime.

Well, even Eden had snakes...

Couple of days ago, some little critter got wedged in the ventilation slot in my helmet and bit me, but good. Not as bad as a bee sting, but still nasty. Could NOT get the helmet off fast enough. Never saw what it was.

Still an itchy spot there.

On my way to work in downtown even, a live thing getting caught in my facial hair.


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