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Trying to decide whether or not to invest in a trailer or a just a get a simple bike seat for my toddler. I was all set to get some kind of Burley - but now not sure...

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I have a Chariot trailer for my 2 kids - 5 and 20mo.  It's the best money I've spent on them.  It keeps them warm in the winter, upright when I get cocky and spill on the ice, and works as jog stroller and regular stroller.  I don't love that they are behind me and so low to the ground, but a bakfeit wasn't in the budget and I like that i can leave the Chariot at daughter's school and bike downtown on my commuter. 

I'd recommend you check out the Family Riding Facebook page.  There are tons of families with lots of other opinions.  Good luck! 

Great! Thanks for the info

How old is your toddler? If you can fit him/her in a bike seat you would be fine. I agree with Kat about the concern of them being behind and below. It always made me anxious. 

The Burley also doubles as a trailer for a lot of things. I've hauled all kinds of stuff with it and made many, many grocery store runs with it. 

My now 5 year old and my now 4 year old and I spent many days riding around in the Burley. Some of my happiest moments from when they were littler were those bike trips we took. As Kat points out it is awesome in the winter. I would zip them up with a blanket and they would fall asleep they were so comfy. But if you just have one, a bike seat offers a great sense of security and control. 

I have a Burley for my two kids and I love it for the reasons that Kat and Mr. Keating have pointed out. The one thing that I would add would be to buy a used one. There are a bunch that are for sale on Craigslist. When I was looking many of them were in great condition and 40-50% of the cost of a new one.

Thanks so much. I talked with the wife and I think I'm too nervous to ride with my 19mo right now unless I was on a dedicated bike trail. She's due with our 2nd in March. So as much as I would love to have us all biking - I don't see that happening until next spring/summer. 

Wife was wondering whether we could repurpose a Burley as a new stroller - and Kat you mentioned this too. Anyone have thoughts on this? Seems like a Burley would be cool for jogging - but as a regular day-to-day stroller?

A Burley for two children is a little big to use as a day to day stroller. It is great for taking to a street fair or event in a park and then you can detach the trailer and convert it into a stroller. However, I would not want to take it to a grocery store. It's too wide.


A friend and I discussed this very issue in November. His argument was that the trailer wins hands down in child safety. His reasoning being that its more stable not having the child directly affect the center of gravity by squirming around. Also, if some how there were a crash the child falling over in the trailer if it were to tip over is preferable compared to falling or being thrown from the seat attached to the bike.

Lastly once the kids out grow the trailer there is nothing that says it can't be used to haul cargo for a family camping trip or picnic. Hope the info is helpful.


One other thing to consider is that, depending on your living arrangements and bike storage options, a bike with a high-quality seat on it starts to get pretty heavy.  When we put a bike seat on my wife's bike, she couldn't carry it up the basement stairs any longer, and we were lucky that we could lock it in the garage.  

good point there

We have a bakfiet and we love it, it's not for everyone but for us we have been able to haul our dogs and recycling as well food shopping. We used to have a trailer but I was in a crash involving with trailer and it was damaged as well I hurt myself pretty bad. I was doored by someone who wasn't looking and didn't see my trailer. Bc we no longer had a trailer we decided to get a bakfiet even though it was something we were gonna get down the road but we are glad we bought it and with the amount of use of it we feel we got our money's worth.


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