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I wanted to know if the state New Mexico has free cycling maps like our good state of Illinois?  Also, if anyone is familiar with the area what rides/routes they would suggest?  We plan to use Santa Fe as a hub for a couple days.  Any advice is great!

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here is a link to new mexico online bike maps

You can also go to google maps, enter Santa Fe, NM, click on "get directions" and then click on the bike icon. The dark green lines are trails, lighter green ones are lanes, and dotted are shared "suggested" routes. You can then scroll all over the area to check for other trails.



I'm heading to Santa Fe in a few weeks. (Posting 31 Oct 2015) Anyone have any tips on riding, mountain biking, etc in the area ? Thanks.

Most of these rides start in Albuquerque, but there are a couple that start in/route through Taos and one that starts in Santa Fe.

Thank you, but, think Schwalbe. Seriously, I'm familiar with the goats from Moab. Warning gratefully accepted.

I corresponded with a Santa Fe bike shop called the Broken Spoke. I got some new tires there, and, per the recommendation of the proprietor, some self-sealing inner tubes. He said the GH thorns weren't much of a problem on the trails, but, they gather along roadside gutters. The same as broken glass does here.

Thanks Bob. That's just what I experienced. I was only there foe a few days, Tues. and Thurs. were for riding. Wed was for sightseeing. The forecast had been warmer on T & T, but, cold and wet wed. We missed the wet.



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