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The Final Stage

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This is what the Tour de France 2018 has come down to today in the individual time trials:

"The world's 3 fastest cyclists are racing for 2 podium spots in Tour de France's final time trial."

Gonna miss watching this (just about) every morning these last few weeks. 

Geraint Thomas (Team Sky) is set to win Tour de France 2018

Geraint Thomas (Team Sky) is set to win Tour de France 2018 on Sunday by securing his yellow jersey in the stage 20 individual time trial from Saint-Pee-sur-Nivelle to Espelette on Saturday. 

Thomas has a lead of 1:51 going into the final procession into Paris before the sprinters race for glory on the Champs Elysees.

Sharing an interesting article:

Inside a Tour de France Team Car

Will somebody walk me through the timing/points earned throughout the race? I think I have an idea but what with all the extra details (same time for crashes inside 1K of finish) throw me off. 

The points classification system seems to benefit the sprinters in the tour. Winners of certain sections and or certain category climbs. Minus penalty points of course. Yeah, it's some what complicated.

The End ! . . .

Geraint Thomas wins Tour de France 2018.

Good race. Congrats to Geraint Thomas; he rode a great race (although I would have been pleased no matter who the winner was, as long as it wasn't  Froome. LOL).  :~)

I've been watching each stage's video on the Tiz Cycling website while at work (no cable or internet at home right now), and have enjoyed watching each stage right from the depart, rather than it being joined "in progress" like I've seen NBCSN do in past years.

View the bikes that were ridden to victory in every stage of the Tour de France 2018:

Tip a beer for Lawson Craddock's amazing last place finish in the tour.

Photo Essay - Tour de France 2018  

Fantastic Photos from Le Tour !


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