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You'll find me and my bruise on the show tonight. 


Thanks to Chainlink for providing me with the reporter's info!

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Hmm, it doesn't look like they're airing the story tonight.  If I find out more info I will post.
It looks like it might run this evening. They have "Dooring" listed as a topic that is "On Tonight".

Theresa d said:
Hmm, it doesn't look like they're airing the story tonight.  If I find out more info I will post.

Just watched it online. Such great interviews! Hope your arm's feeling better, Theresa!

Watched it last night.  Well done!  I hope that bruise is healing.  That looked painful.

Thanks again to everyone who contacted IDOT and is raising the profile of this issue! Great work local friends in the segment, glad you are part of the story!


All of us at Active Trans, via Ethan Spotts


PS: heal well, Theresa!

I saw that. I was ok 'till the end where they simulated a "dooring" with a helmet cam. *shudder*

Just don't read the comments to the question: Should drivers be more courteous and mindful of god what ignorance and anger.  By their recollection, all bikers ride weave through traffic, ignore laws while texting and listening to music...they are just asking to be doored.  *shudder*  I did my good deed and responding in a sane and deffensive manner. Here's what I posted:


As a bicyclist who drives safely, follows laws, signals for turns and stops, pulls over to use her cell phone and never listens to music while riding, I still unsafe on the road.  Drivers tend to speed up around me, perhaps because they wish to avoid me, but in fact they risk my life by driving too close to me.  IL laws says that I am allowed to be three feet away from the curb (to avoid rough surfaces that cause accidents) or parked cars (to avoid the door zone) and that cars are required to give me a three-foot buffer, it seems that many drivers are unaware of this. Also quite a few drivers have made right turns, pulled into parking spots ahead of me forcing me to break or swerve to avoid them.   I am very cognizant of the dooring danger as well.  Bicyclists, having no metal shell around them they are inherently more vulnerable to harm, thus driving safely and sharing the road properly is critical.  Perhaps there needs to be more public information on how to share the road for both cyclists and drivers.  If we knew what to expect of each other, the road would be a much safer place.


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